nothing of nothing

“my thoughts are nothing of nothing”

there comes a moment in time, when i… cropped-pic-hd-maelan-koia-logo1.pngbut just staring at an unreachable dream,
fall into a satyr of languor:

the windlessness occupies my longing,
a second of silence that pins me to eternity
seeing you… yet not touching you.

a kind of languor blinding mes yeux
i refuse to lock, my eyes… afraid to miss
even a splint shadow of your existence.

and here i hung still, wishing against hope
that should i drip into a slumber
you would envelop moi with your gentle glow.

please honey, would you love me forever though i am
but a muddy soil of this nature called earth
would you kiss my lips though i breathe no more?

what is the meaning of all this longing
does it mean i am empty of nothing
that my thoughts are nothing of nothing?
and then i shoot into a thought of reality, the meaning of moi!!!

by Maelan Koia Sydney 2017 wednesday 2:11pm 12 july 2017 sydney nsw


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