“goddam COLGATE”

#6 poetographic quotes ade 2016

while it could be engrossing, possessing… to read love poetries, yet it is no longer a love poem if its explicit language has become routinely pornographic and lustful tone… although pornographic poetry could be utterly interesting if intricately sculpted in the metaphysical form.


“goddam toothpaste: COLGATE”

in the same dim lighted room, the music sounds… Rod Stewart ‘I saw you last night’ the dripping showers, ahhhhhhhhh… i remember.

the melodious wind chimes, a hold, my fingers numb… the press the squeeze, a wish for its mossy abundance, ahhhhhhhhh… i remember.

my hands tremble, my hands like a tickling spoon on a saucer, artfully smothering 
then, ahhhhhhhhh… i remember

a snakelike mint flavour squirts, the goddam toothpaste COLGATE’s last spurts… a sighing heat mist, ahhhhhhhhh… i remember… 

how i almost went to my interview appointment without brushing my teeth… ahhhhhhhhh… i remember!

Maelan Koia Sydney 2017
wednesday 11:38am 19 july 2107
sydney nsw australia


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