“a good mother a good father”


we all know, all religion knows that we are the highest specie amongst living beings in this earth; we are allowed choices, we are with intelligence that can develop wisdom, so that what we become is solely our own choice our own action… no one else, not God, not parents… no not anyone or anything else.

take a flower, it has life beauty essence, but that’s all there is, to move farther from what it is, it can’t chose or do more… and the same goes for animals fishes trees seas, etcetera_ unlike human beings, we have all the possibilities to create our essences depending on our choices and thinking.

in a particular segment of society, a parent or a mother or a father- he gifted his newly married son or daughter a house… the receiver must take over the house as his/hers/theirs;


chairs and tableschristmas

flowers and curtains

lovely comfortable inspiring

maintained cleaned

repaired improved

insured no debts

no invaders

painted framed

as an art piece

a love nest!


the mother, the father does not or is not obligated to come running to help pay bills of whatsoever… otherwise, the children becomes parasites, parasite is not a word of judgement but a definition, no, no one can express judgement for anyone’s action… everything is a choice: choice of a mother to come pay the bills or not.

this very simple relationship about parents and children is but one example of ‘un-PEACE’ in this world!

philosophical view by: Maelan Koia Sydney 2017
friday 3:54pm 21 july 2017 sydney nsw australia

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