“a premise”

“a premise”

Peace relates to our destiny: DEATH!!!

all of us: i you he she it they… have but one destiny: DEATH!!! _during our travel towards our destiny, each of us dream plan execute varied vines branches leaves, wherein during our pursuit of those, boundless hurdles, vacuums of our inner selves are produced and reproduced, that makes each and everyone of us either suffer or rejoice… which affects our own peace!

if i could only
sway with the wind directions
swim with the current flow
like an ordinary detached leaf
perhaps O perhaps
my life will be simple
i have intelligence
i am challenged to
go otherwise
the more knowledge i have
the more i want to know
how to prove myself
against nature!
so i go reproducing
moi… the inner moi
those bountiful things
that surround me
with strong health
i search search search
i need love
i want wealth
i crave for fame
i enforce my power
almost ahhhhh… almost
to a point where
i can be God!!!
this is how i get to be insensitive, ignore it, discard and reinvent my meaning of Peace… i choose to run away from PEACE: which is always there Peace!!! by: Maelan Koia Sydney 2017a super-impose art piece


portrait of an old woman by: _boi sibug
digital superimposed art by: _ade c. manilah
friday 11:02am 21 july 2017 sydney nsw australia


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