“a sure dosage”

i get bored irritated angry
like lightning thunder
i flare like wild bush fire…
i chose not to control it
let it let it let it go
i get defeated
so what so what
i can even die for it
but only to win at the end!!!
in an instant

i am a cotton candy pink cloud

i run to a mirror
ahah ahah
afraid to have aged
afraid to be sick
so like a shooting star
like a fairy
i throw out all anger
dozed by cold shower.
true enough true enough
i am still a sweet candy
a pink cloud i supposed
no fear no anxiety no grudges
eat anything say anything do anything
aware how my choices
would affect others
God is in me
but i have a free choice!
Maelan Koia Sydney 2017
friday 4:57pm 21 july 2017
sydney nsw australia”a sure dosage

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