“ahhhhhhhhh… hypocrites”

“ahhhhhhhhhh… hypocrites”cropped-hd-pic-logo-dotism-wshadow-maelan-koia.png

rare rare how precious
freshly dewed lapis lazuli
in a dense forest…
hypocrites abound
double shaded spectacles
actors in black screen
claiming to be a good leader
shouting “PEACE”!

i am but a simple person
a God believer
but an existential
“i am because i think”
i become with my moves
hardworking all my life
never intentionally harm anyone
i enjoy my life being ‘alone not lonely’
i speak openly truthfully without fear!

it’s better to be a dumbhead
a hypocritical ‘wanna be great’
what is peace…
it isn’t preached dictated instituted
it is what one is
in his tongue language; his heart
his soul his spirit shows!

Maelan Koia Sydney 2017
friday 1:28pm 21 july 2017
sydney nsw australia


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