” my hair, a rare lapiz lazuli “

the hair hd pic ade 15 december 2017

‘i love so quickly so intensely like a forceful wind and smashing flood… yet i am also a fragile plum sprout that can stand unnumbered degree of velocity… still in vibrant brilliance after the storm!’ade c.

you..haughty wind
and i
a flimsy lilac blossom
quiet in comfort
watching the silent streams
suddenly… you
in concert with
the surging flood
smash crush me!
exert forceful velocity
whip me carry me…
and i, like a timid plum
willingly bend
in an idiotic surrender
in total jouissance
unmindful of my
future yesterday!
darling i love you..
don’t you forget that
your wind
your flood
will come and go
smashing crushing
other coloured blooms
but.. my hair a rare lapiz lazuli

ade caparas manilah

friday 1:55am 15 december 2017

sydney nsw australia

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