“i need a Nero… To Burn My City”

“i need a Nero… To Burn My City”

how soon how far… the wind will flow
my silk chiffon continues its flaunt
my head my brain my mind,
obscured of rules
my advanced knowledge
now, knows no end
an ascetic master of lies of deaths of destructions
horrifying, horrifies me, yes… sometimes
but i sacrifice myself to Evil… i am an oblate martyr!

i dream of fame
my loveliness dubbed
honest sincere loving kind
a divinized image of beautiful aura,
i smile with a grinding teeth
with a loosen crab nature; “i pull you down”
flawless words delicately ice
by my diabolic twin.

i am this product?
a unique model of my own art?
joy, happiness is wanting
covetousness covetousness
a poison dish, i cook
ahhhhhhhhh… i dream to blend
an ice cream that will deliciously melts in my mouth
instead i vomit i pain i ache i suffer
i need a NERO to burn my city.

_ade caparas manilah

HD SamAda Signature 2018

monday, christmas day 10:08pm
25 december 2017
sydney nsw australia

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