“melt into nothingness”

melt to nothingness


a new day greets with a lovely smile
blue skies with tint of clouds.
i paint the image of my mind
delete all the ‘no longer’
plan for the ‘not yet’…
suddenly ahhhhhhhhh… yes, suddenly
aware of my ‘instantaneous now’
my food spoilt: i need a brand new refrigerator.

but this ‘instantaneous now’
never really existed
annihilated, as always,
by the infinite ‘not yet’…
thus, this whole series of annihilation
the ‘not yet’ passes through
the ‘instantaneous now, to the ‘no longer’…
all… melting to nothingness
my flesh, bothers worldly cares… all are temporal.

so… why, why wars hates killings
why not LOVE?
why not MAKE PEACE?
why not ENJOY?
every seconds minutes hours weeks years
wasted on whiles of the world
they are but existing impressions
we are meant to
melt into nothingness!

ade caparas manilah/maelan koia

4:30pm 01 january 2018
sydney nsw australia

HD Maelan Koia Sig 2018-1


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