“this is how i fail”

my collective consciousness isn’t me, i am the totality of my desires: to be GOD… this is how i fail!!!

            “this is how i fail”


ade-1 03:12.18
the selfie of me this morning
ade 03 jan 2018
manipulating disfiguring

hd id photo de 03 jan 2018           

highlighting shadowing

until i can get to my satisfaction: the SEMIOTICS
from original (fig-1) to bold shadows highlights (fig-2) then finally (fig-3 & 4) my  perception of me; i decide: I AM this

fundamentally, i am the DESIRE to be
i move on shadows and highlights
a temporal being

my CONSCIOUSNESS flowers the desire
but there’s no first single desire of my being, then a thousand particular feelings
no, REALITY is not my nature.

my desire to exist, manifests myself
through jealousy envy greed lust pride…

my consciousness, instinctively a narcissist

i me and myself… my priori induction
family friends people are but my seconds

my collective consciousness isn’t me
i am the totality of my desires: to be GODthis is how i fail!!!

ade caparas manilah
wednesday 9:28pm 03 january 2018
sydney nsw australia









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