Series # 35 [an excerpt from my book, “the WIND my lover”…. an intoxicating love discourse, a sensuous battle of mind between a poetess and a poet, cocooned within a 50-poetry of love-romance, jealousy, anxiety, anger!]


‘a temporary peace, an illusion of a possible solution, despite its catastrophic pain.. manipulation of the amorous mania! — finish it finish it.. yet i can’t i can’t! and i would go on!’ -ade c.

the beloved, the poetess:

i keep saying,
“this has got to stop”
amorous longing
patience waiting
fibre of unhappiness
has not tried out,
now courageously
declare, “stop”!

unbearable… i cry
i look out my window
wild yellow lilies
sway… kissing
the blades of grass
wallowing feeding
in their ecstasy of
“you fools,” i said!
but in my exalted
mirages of triumph
enabling an end…
i scold my madness
no no no
i love him… my man!
i shall persist..
never discouraged!
-ade caparas manilah

wind the lover, the poet:

“My poet lips would press against yours,
if that would be your wish.
If not I would bow before you a body motion
giving thanks for your words, pictures, sensual, erotic, life pulse passion naked.”

(anonymous lover)

(fig-1) Jeff Cannon, poet from Massachusetts USA authored all anonymous lover’s poems

hD jeff cannon 2015

(fig-2) ‘the Wind my Lover’ book

book cover- THE WIND MY LOVER

fig 3) ade caparas manilah, the book author and wrote all the ‘beloved’ poems

ade selfie art 02 jan 2018

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