“World is”

Series #36

“World is”


HD pic Worrld define 06 january 2018male the strength, the light of peace

lightning i started
fiery voltage…
series of lightnings
i light Peace!


the gold years of ade hd pic 2018


female the love, the moon of the universe

a rib of man
the sensuous moon
exudes sex and beauty
sways forms the style
i am love!

WORLD, big big dot, a meant space for a male and a female, whether human vegetation animals… rocks stones pebbles flowers mountains rivers seas, all fall on either a male or a female, distinct in each qualifying quality.

however, people,
his higher degree
of intelligence
gets to boredom
starts to seek to discover!
multiplying time
enlarging space
the more he discovers
eyes temptations prosper
metonymy becomes a class weapon.

people are socially levelled:
in colours, in race, in religion, in wealth
greed envy lust pride surface
sustaining tyranny, subjection, laws
tempting murders abuses wars.

his space, stranded to dark smoke
and i, a woman, mirror myself, a man
a man, mirrors himself, a woman
a child matures to sex pleasure
incests, bestialities, same-sexes; on a traffic jam.


hd the World in my perception by ade 2018

here is the world
in its virgin stage
existing in:
my art painting
The World!

adecaparas manilah

saturday 10:12pm 06 january 2018

sydney nsw australia


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