“love is”

‘love is’
‘again again and again.. no matter how many bumps i get.. i will i will i will.. always fall in love! —adecaparas orosa manilah—


love is the burning fire
the willowing smoke
the vapour of essences
the drinking fountain
soaking wet!

love is a song
lovely lyrics
words don’t matter
it’s how it is sung
a viand well presented!

love is to
reach travel explore
how my toes
could cross seas mountains
to touch your lips!

love is flying without wings
dancing in the middle of an eye storm
driving a car without license
waking the morning with a hung-over
a moment of a life time!

HD ade double 04 jan 2018

monologue by: adecaparas orosa manilah
monday 9:09pm 13 october 2014 sydney australia


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