“sculpt the effulgent U”

“sculpt the effulgent you”

HD ade 12:o1:2018


to my mind, life as is, is awesome
the challenges tensions confusions
the sadness joys loves fears pains            
all these passions are spices
that create life’s uniqueness
i wouldn’t want a stale air.


seeking finding my soothing street
searching interesting trinkets
discovering a convenient corners
a side street of folly
wuuuooo… daring adventure thrills me
stimulate my burning fire to hell.

the dot of me
ahhhhhhhhh… the dot of me
imagine a lover who is all YES
in my slumber i am the sleeping beauty
to be awoken
by violent wind and surging rain.

in my ethereal moment
my soul, my mind, my body get conversant
with the internal and external timbre of my being
times when i stare at the dark sky
collect all the twinkling stars to sculpt the effulgent you.

ade caparas manilah
friday 111:18pm 12 january 2018
sydney nsw australia

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