“the WIND my lover”

Note: an excerpt from my book, “the WIND my lover”, a book of 50 poems, where a poetess and  poet, sigh their lover’s discourse… the anonymous lover’ poems authored by poet, Jeff Cannon, USA and the ‘beloved’ poems authored by ade caparas manilah.

‘a drum’
‘i play the drum— and when i play, i get lost in the horizon— i get into an eclipse, a sensuality beyond my control— a coverlet of intoxicating bursts of light colour dream nightmare— much worst than an orgasm!’ -ade c.

HD ade c manilah 09 jabuary 2018

the beloved, a poetess:
i close my eyes my palms tremble
slowly softly trump on your face
smooth and firm
i can’t utter a word
a tap
then on … on and on and on ahhhh.. darling!
i am lost
i dream of you
i’m tired of you

i want you
i need you
there’s no end to my desirebook cover- THE WIND MY LOVERi must have you
ahhhh.. i hate you!
music languor without resistance!
moments when hardly a sound is heard
then.. faster faster… spray of perfume
ahhhh.. your name is perfume!

the deafening shouts
i suffocate
i breathe not
i don’t want to
i need to seize
the moment
this grandeur
of rhythms
a symphony.. my drum! -ade c.

poetic portrait #2 'i'd die'

wind the lover, the poet:

Let me look at your eyes, darling
while the saxophone plays
follow its blue notes
find your silhouette
gently outlined by dusk
where you are
neither in sleep nor in wild shouts
only stilled by the tingling
that calls my tongue to play the lullaby
across your cooled evening flesh
adjust its press to your moans
hold notes so your sighs
echo throughout
your every fleshy known and secret pathway
pulsating multiple groans

Isn’t it grand, our mere words
can soak us in pleasure
that break silence, soothes absence

(anonymous lover)




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