“ahhhh… la mort”

ahhhh… la mort” [#16 (SAT) ’Space & Time’ philosophy in fragments]

“Ahhhh… la mort” [ahhhh… death] time when my ‘space and time’ is at the edge of a ravine. where, all my shouts are but a silence in the sky… colourless … imageless… callous of my groans! _ade c.

ade #14

years back… my perfect lover
my cheeks my neck my eyes
you notice adorn
“beautiful,” you call me…
i am your darling… your only one!

how can i look at another lover
my pair of earrings… details of gold and silver
honey, you notice all
i can’t sleep without you
i get drunk of your love.

then… dark clouds
heavy downpours soak me
i am losing my breath
i feel the warmth of your hands no more
violent winds throw me

rolling downhill into the ditch
“ahhhh la mort” [ahhhh… death]
kissing me
kiss me… drown me down drown
come take me… give me laughter

let me out of this mountain fissures
for once… let me define a smile
i am a road fraught with danger
the twin of zigzag perils
a child of desperate journey

all my lovers
are cheats…
choke me choke me
time is too long…
i pain i pain kill me!

by: _ade caparas manilah
edited: thursday 111:32am 16 june 2016
written in: Las Vegas 18 december 2015
re-edited: tuesday 7:56am 16 january 2018
sydney nsw australia

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