“regret is never a choice”

“life is a dotism, one may choose some other reason, feel another season, shine on other blossom, still, the space is a cocoon… where his the ‘had gone and his the coming’, which is pivoted by the temporary now, goes like a clock, days of the week, months of the year, a circle… and it must be accepted with most joy: a choice, we are free to choose.” ade c.

Hd ADe Cocooned

“regret is never a choice”

you created me rarest amongst the stones
i survive thorns and thistles
i kiss i fly i drown; the earth is mine
i roam the night… all stars agree… ahhhhhhhhh
i’m a leaf, carried by the wind to a lilac ark
a plateau of lapis lazuli… of violets lavenders
i dance dance dance till dawn cries!

then weariness springs: moment of boredom flows
tiredness, looping tightness perhaps of my weaving
a rummaged fragmented wings… i need a shoulder pat; an attention
i cry in a little nook, i go to the highest peak,
drain my throat with shouts; where are you, why why why?
my emotional eruptions… pages of leaking hurt, a bleeding wound, dripping in sadness
an uncontrolled tears flowing like wild tsunami in savaging flash…


did i walk on foggy roads, was i too certain of my blurry eyes
has my momentary thirst sipped the bitter wine the sour grapes?
my set of wide wings fold like an old hag witch… i wonder?
what if i had chosen the other side of the shoreline, surely, the same routine of struggles
in a different angle… but what how is the end-result? i crave for answers………???
no, i don’t regret… regret is never a choice… i shall bounce back shake off all these;
never to return to what had gone… i shall get detached free, a solipsist perhaps, i will be.

ade caparas manilah
wednesday 7:41pm 17 january 2018
sydney nsw australia

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