“your margarita”

‘your margarita’

‘i am a jealous woman.. at the moment of your betrayal… i feel a millionth strength of a supremo ‘ -ade c

 [an excerpt from my book “the WIND my lover” … a discourse between a poet and a poetess, a cybernetic love affair… the beloved’s poems authored by ade caparas manilah and the lover’s poem authored by a US poet, Jeff Cannon]


promo, book the wind my lover 2

the beloved, a poetess:

my eyes are burning
my dagger-edged glare
waits edgy
to have
you and your chica
thrown to iraq…
have your endless
honeymoon there!

how could you
be here?
our private den
where we gather
sweet dews
through the night
moistening our skins
blending the most
ecstatic perfume!

your mile-long smiles
your sticky-glue eyes
all on your Margarita
as if she’s
the Queen of Sheba!
ahhhh.. i used to long
for you Solomon
but not..no more.. now
go go to your endless search!

by:-ade caparas

the wind, the lover,a poet:

We cannot hurt each other
let us feel
what the moment
has blessed us with
Let me kiss your lips
unbutton you
let my fingers dance
a sensuous waltz!
my tongue sips bubbling champagne
passion of passions
we feel
voluptuous convulsions
roar volcano
ahhh, you see me, yes?
I see you
a mirror for each other shines revelations
whisper breath erotic paints
each velvet touch, soft sensual
releases desire’s plea to roam the garden
Lush beauty, splendid spread, receptive moist drips
tiny flames that outline the path
acceptance can race to find fullness
spark the primal flame
dissolve us both
a single universe, safe, beneath the starry night
I want you
I want you…
us to love each other!
(anonymous lover)

by: Poet, Jeff Cannon


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