“a tiny DOT” – Ade Caparas

my thanks to Agron Shele, a wonderful poet. ade c.


“a tiny DOT”

‘Wars, factions, and fighting,’ said Socrates as he looked forward from his last hour, ‘have no other origin than this same body and its lusts … We must set the soul free from it; we must behold things as they are. And having thus got rid of the foolishness of the body, we shall be pure and hold converse with the pure, and shall in our own selves have complete knowledge of the Incorruptible which is, I take it, no other than the very truth. (Socrates)

‘ my true me… my reality  keeps evolving… it is upon my death that people will know my true me… my reality!’_adecaparas orosa manilah

a tiny dot

i fought i won…

i am!

how i reach

those brilliance

is my reality!

i am born

with a purpose

i search i act

i succeed

i fail

is my reality!

a mango fruit

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