‘which is my reality’

‘which is my reality’

isn’t waking day a created hallucination, in congruous with the blazing sunlights and noise activity while… night dream is a contemplative mind in congruous with the gentle moon, a quiet mode… but why consider the waking day, as the reality and night dream as a non-valid existence?

-cinquain-#1 (black & white series) 'mine'

my night-sleep dream
not a reality?
where the silence of night
glows my spirit?

when my closed eyes,
works wonders in my mind;
where love mimic a violent wind
thrashing leaves from a tree: as if in hunger!

how sounding like a wild stream
creating bubbling waves
running over those rocks
wuuuuuuooooo… an intoxicating love!

while my waking-day
a meagre passing moment
an hallucination
in congruous with noises.

who has decided that
my waking-day as a reality?
where all plasticity hypocrisy
cheating manipulation abound.

is it the presence of sunlight
where arms entwined
yet with a distant heart
why punish myself with hallucinations?

my same physical body and soul
in night dream...a vivid spirit
in waking day, a confused spirit
which is my reality?

a self-discourse by: ade caparas manilah
sunday 8:30am 07 december 2014
sydney nsw australia.

HD ade double 04 jan 2018


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