‘during the ancient times, the enamoured is the subject hunted; now in the modern times, the enamoured pursues,’ _ade caparas manilah  

3;06am 03:06:14bareness

clouds lazy in forms

winds are in slumber

the moon hides

no stars in sight

at a distance

your silhouette

i am ravished seized 

an enamoured subject!

a Sabine woman
an object of capture
to my enchantment
the wondrous serenity
the evanescent image
gave the erotic desire
in me to trap you
fully in my arms
i must go mad!

HD ade 12:o1:2018my madness
desiring your touch
catch whisper of your lips
blindly figure your face
your hands sculpting my face
your pony tail tickling my nose
the smell of your breath
your fascinating flashes!


poetry by: _ade caparas manilah 2018 sydney nsw australia

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