“life, love is art”

“life, love is art”

Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy, “ existence and the world are eternally justified, only as an aesthetic phenomenon”… meaning, its an endless art creativeness innovativeness inventiveness; life overcomes and wins; lost again won again… no matter what, let art, give the feel of joy!


HD ade 09 february 2018

dream not for the infinite
life is constructions, destructions,
a “hide and seek” game;
you hide, i seek… i hide, you seek
the process of amusement
boredom, anger, disappointment
like a child’s building blocks
then build again.  

sometime ago…
i romance with the wind
it plays my silver hair
its moistened lips on my wrinkled skins
it teases my brittled bones
while sunlight highlights
my moment
my thoughts glow
my soul my heart flowers like summer
my spirit jumps like spring

your stares… off me
your arms… no more mine
i am left like a withered lawn
mais il n’est pas important
my love shall flow
continue without regret
for as long as i feel it
never would i cut-short
what i feel… life love is art!

_ade caparas manilah
saturday 9:38pm 10 february 2018 sydney nsw australia

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