“Death, I See You”

“Death, I See You”

i believe, destiny is my own creation… God has created objects and living beings for a specific purpose: humans are supposed to care and love, each specie of plants have its special purposes too, the same go for animals, water, fire, soil, seas , mountains, stars, moon, sun, etcetera, yes… just like salt is for seasoning food!

And to His most loved creation, the human beings, God endowed special gifts… intellect and freewill… so that whatever we become, we destined it ourselves!

But selection is a learning process… changes are made, greed pride envy lust, create those big changes, affecting our plans and decisions… the reason why we tend to dislike, avoid, fear death is because, till our last faint breath, we continue to pursue our desired destiny.

HD Death I See YYou 11 feb 2018

fresh as tulip… i dream to be
i groom myself to be on top
all condiments desirable
to my idea of perfection.
i find myself a strong fighter
a survivor a winner
tears joys success failure
i smile to victories…


it’s midnight my darling
crossroad of my life
i am confused so confused
am i black… am i blue
is it north south… east west?
do i choose right
do i choose wrong
nothing nothing is incontrovertible
my human mystic in wonder!!!

i feel some vacuum
this midnight space and time
when my vision starts to fade
when my walks go shorter
when memories sometimes miss
am i defining wrongly my choice?
having a cake… wanting to eat it too?
i’ve not designed my choice yet, darling
but Death i see you!


_ade caparas manilah
sunday 10:06pm 11 february 2018
sydney nsw australia

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