‘portrait of desire’

“portrait of desire”

‘i desire what i don’t have, only to be thrown for another desire… desire do not know what it desires!’_ade c.

Note: as i review my previous posts, i get so enthralled by comments written by some outstanding US poets like Jeff Canon… comments give such emphases to a poet’s morale… J Canon usually comments in poetized language… so beautiful!!!

   HD Portrait of Desire             grief for the loss of mere presence, nature’s erotic twirls of charged sensations, embrace of light, blanket of dark, tingle of airy fingers touching every sighing place all at once, if only to melt the culture crust breathe again ecstasy… i hear this poem its longing echoes through the cry of an ancient child.” j canon.




enchanting summer breeze
lovely moonlight walk
dance in the rain
climb on rainbow arc
skin to skin roll
lips entwine
burning heat
all these, i desire!


there… you are
silhouette of desire
kiss my shadow
but shadow changes
as i move
desire never reach
my desire
my wander, always wander  
desire is never satisfied.


i search i search                                          -cinquain-#1 (black & white series) 'mine'
for something unreachable                
everywhere wherever
mind deranged
i talk to the wind
the seas the skies the mountains
they are deaf dumb blind
my steps a waste
what desire… i don’t know!



a repost:
ade caparas manilah
tuesday 10:18am 13 february 2018 sydney nsw australia

first posting:
poetry by: -ade c.
saturday 5pm 24 october 2015 New York

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