1 “will love wins?”

“why why why, you love me,
and i can’t love you”?

“isn’t it exhausting to keep loving wishing for unity, for Peace… when anger hate resistance is unbending? _here the beloved subject would insists on his stubborn anachronistic existence, nothing uncorks him, though deep inside him, he knows, the lover truly loves him… will love wins?”_ade c.

i am easily crushed                                                          final HD pic Dotism revised
like a fibre of a cotton linen…
a flayed cat… a featherless bird
a child, who cries at a meagre stern look.
what the world finds in laughter
for me, is sinisterly depressing nook.
i was borne roofed by the gray sky
on a contrasting no wind and humidity
in poetry, i am a bland imitation!

while you… you glitter in darkness
a diamond sparkler
scintillating dazzling in clouds
your face is a smile of love
your lips moistify
as words slip from your tongue
your voice is a chorus rhyme
coming from the brooks
a contrario of my nothing novelistic image!

and you love me
and i can’t love you
you whisper crazy nothings
the winds the rains chorus a symphony
mimiquing you…
you romance my hair… nip-nipping my skin
stealing kisses
why why why… you love me?
and i can’t love you?

_ade caparas manilah
tuesday 12:47pm 20 february 2018
sydney nsw australia


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