“in my black dress”

“my imaginary lover”

i so love, an impossible love… not only he does not know i exist.. but also he is far far beyond the seven seas… the bounds of mountains and deserts… astonishingly i am blessed with thoughts that transform into a gazelle, capable of leaps leaps leaps… reaching him.. loving him in sublime ecstasy!

my passisng thoughts #10

his palms embrace the cup of coffee
his lips wet… a mania, mania i so adore
my thoughts… my body so loves
my spirit so desires north south east west
my eyes search for him, only him
yet, he knows me not… met me never
i close my eyes… blue sky winds trees of dense foliages
romancing… kissing in tight embrace
in my black dress he makes love
while the waves sound its sonatas!

poetry by: _ade caparas manilah

art piece by: victor shelag

sunday 9:17pm 04 march 2018

sydney nsw australia

first published: tuesday 11:50pm 10 november 2015 Las Vegas



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