Critical Review of DOTISM

A CRITICAL REVIEW: DOTISM of ade caparas manilah
Prof Cijo Joseph Chennelil



Ade ji,

This is an article on your collection of poems in the journal titled “Dotism”. pic logo Dotism
The poems in the journal titled”Dotism”are exquisite and elegant in their composition and make-up, the concept that is first taken up in connection with the Dotism oriented poems is the concept of love, the haunting side of love is first highlighted and then the qualities that should be attached to an imaginary lover are given sum and substance, the different dimensionalities of love get articulated next in line, the enduring and endeavoring nature of love is given redemption thereafter, then the affirmation takes centre stage that sex is not to be considered as unholy rather its immaculateness is to be explicated in eloquent manner, the love of non consummation also is described here in this collection of poems, the desire that is the hallmark of love also gets into play here in an obvious fashion, the lost in the wilderness environment with respect to love is conveyed through one poem in the collection, the arrival of the chariot of death and its aftereffects do get narrated here, again the creative, aesthetic, artistic and imaginative aspects of love are brought into the forefront here, the seasonal changes and the life changes do get expression through these poems, the rosy side of life filled with optimism is primed to the hilt here, the insignificant way of life is brought to the mainstream here, the manifold realities are contrasted with the less ones are the focal points here in these poems, the dramatic life is couched in joy in the poems.
As we proceed perusing the poems in the collection of poems titled”Dotism”we come across other characteristics innate in these poems, they are the perennial sorrowful life, the love as a fleeting emotion, the substantiality of love experienced by human beings, the inner meanings of love, the futility of waiting in life, the status of this world, the salty arena of life, the patterns of life that can bring sure annihilation, the chaotic nature of life, the feeling of emptiness felt by humanity, the pangs felt by the human beings through the ways and means of the world, the sympathetic and empathetic elements associated with life, the physical dualities of life, the existential crisis of life through the very question why, the empowerment of women in a male-dominated world, the shock treatment that is needed to bring the people to the right path, the literary flourishment within the format of life, the parental inclination towards righteousness in the upbringing of their children, the pretentious side of life, the constructive side of life, the life that is envisaged in this universe, the tragedies of life, the problematic aspects of life, the hallowed nature of our existence, the need to cleanse and purge ourselves, the lost and gained love, the self doubt regarding the concept of love, the zerosome game called life and the emptiness about life itself.
So, this concept titled”Dotism”is a testimony related to the manifold aspects of life in a nutshell.Kudos to you Adeji for undertaking such an exercise of literally well-cobbled poetry writing with sound themes.
Cijo Joseph Chennelil Kuravilangad.All Copyrights Reserved@On 4th March 2018.

ade flower-a


  ade caparas manilah


my many thanks to Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil, Poet/Writer/Author, for the very inspiring critical review,

ade c,


sunday 10:47am 11 march 2018

sydney nsw australia

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