“une femme libre”

#1 2018 blog ”une femMe libRe” [a free woman]

i, the woman… maybe alone but not lonely, and like a detached leaf i love my freedom.. free to go north, south, east, and west, carried by the wind— i shall treasure every moment of my ‘now and here’ and once in awhile lay on my tummy under the expanses of blue sky kissed by the cold breeze and tickled by the soft wind.. i shall close my eyes and shall refresh my ‘then and there!’ — life is simply awesome… i shall whisper, “honey, my honey… it’s marvellous ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh… that lovely night!”

final HD gold double ade

that lovely night
we foxtrot
in graceful dips
never minding
the many stares
the music seek
not to stop
our lips… seal glue
clock stops… as we embrace!

you look at me
as… if i melt
moulding me
like candy balls
playful tongue faddy lips
plays sips rolls
i am deliciously
consumed… woman.


_ade caparas manilah

thursday 11:50am 15 march 2018
sydney nsw australia



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