#3 2018 blog “the God in me”

“the GOD in me”

He is the spirit of bliss… not just joy happiness pleasure
i can speak of joy of happiness of pleasure, but bliss is unspeakable,
something only felt in extreme intensity.

a train derailed into a ravine of flashing mud,
but our lips still entwine
a moment where i shoot up on the hemisphere of sparkling gold

a surging savaging waves
rolled me body and soul
into an oblivion of intoxication

my God, the God in me, is beyond text
i can only feel it, siege it within my heart
but to speak of it is a dialectic paradoxa!

just like in making love
all romantic lewd vulgar words are spoken
while in drunken sensual moments
but at that particular split-seconds
of falling killing dying
there’s just the groans moans howls!

God is felt,
a pulsating live vein that makes me alive
an assurance, my safety net, my everything my all!
this faith is God

those who are thrilled by religion are but
in state of joy happiness pleasure,
pleasure in violence, like killings
in lusts, like rapes incests paedophile
in greed, for power wealth fame
all temporary… all ends!

God in me
is omniscient omnipresent immortal…
God is peace!

you are the white lilies       1608914_234454353401159_576238488_n
on the meadows
calming my soul…
the misty foam-kisses
touching my skin
keeping my lips moist
the shaded foliages
giving me comfort
ahhhh… my God!


ade caparas manilah
friday 7:55am 23 march 2018
sydney nsw australia
first posted:
wednesday 3:20pm 23 march 2016 sydney nsw

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