#4 2018 blog [ my book, India”]



final HD cover page pic ade India prose & poetry

I have transmitted my manuscript “India”… gads it will take the publisher 2 weeks to evaluate… well, patience as i said results in joy…. meantime here is one excerpt from the book between a beloved and a lover:



“Is it so, dear?
How strange! I bolted my self
Like a river in a dam
And what a flow of energy from your bosom!!”


“When I look at you,
I find my eyes resting on a hundred things
But when I close my eyes,
It is you, and only you, my dear.”

a poetry written by one of my guest poets… gads, i keep repeat-readings, i am in love with my own book !!! hehehehehe!!!

in some other instance:

“why am i tied to this pillow passéistes, why do i live in the past… the yesterday, and though i wish to fly away from it, knowing so well that i will meet my death in full grasp of my shame… the stain, the scar, the dragnet stamped on my soul, is a living ghost so difficult to erase— it is as if, i have to live and die with it,” a lamentation of so many souls, on this rapidly passing now.” _ade c.

gads, i tell you, how can i live without POETRY?… when my own poetic language makes me feel LOVE?
Bless you all my dear poets, we must all be dancing in joy, being bless with such images of thoughts, an intellectual mind, where one can discourse on word ‘longing’ , which generally connotes sadness, yet produce an atopy of erotism? __aha aha, i am coming with another book of this sort!!!


ade caparas manilah
thursday 5:20pm 22 march 2018
sydney nsw australia


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