#5 2018 blog My reflection:Dr Jernail Singh Aanand

My reflection: Dr Jernail Singh Aanandjernail s aanand

Instead of me defining describing who what how is Dr Jernail Singh Aanand, i ask myself: “what why do i want wish to define him”? What if i define him as that forceful waves of the sea and not the meek soft-spoken gentle person of literature. And should i find me as another forceful wind trying to rule the waves, this would be the scenario; i’d find my other me in suffering or pleasure he affords me.


The written works of Aanand… that forceful waves of the sea… and i confess: i try to be that forceful wind battling his force… ahhhh… his versatility is beyond height; the richness in substances, the essence in any topic that affects humanity; be it social political education religion literature medicine environment cosmos mysticism cultural anthropology… his essays prose poetry discourse joke, are conundrums of philosophical exultance… and my forceful wind fails, it couldn’t even kiss the tip force of his waves!


He is a graceful dancer who can go against the tempo of music yet artfully executes a pirouette that audience acclaim; i envy i love i admire this poet/philosopher.


what, what is it
that persists… continues its flow
after the lycée…
television interviews
media paper headlines
awards trophies books travels
paperback titles critiques
what do you look for?

what about
the sensation of pleasure
is your dense mind
buried on theories doctrines principles
henceforth… missing
the image of a moist flower
on spring morning
the impulse to walk barefoot
before the blast of dawn?


Poets writers artists are known, noted as excessive dreamer, most specially during the period of twilight dream… that extraordinary sensation of pleasure.


Roland Barthes, the famous French poet philosopher writes about the pleasure he felt during his dream: “It was kind of magical tingling which, from soles of my feet to the top of my head, racked me to the marrow of my bones. I seemed to see a violet flame that played around my forehead.

i am curious… in wonder
whether you would also get foolish
like a little boy
who’d bathe in the rain
running bare
i doubt i doubt i doubt
your immaculate
white shirt
has to last white… till its laundry.


Anand comes from a business family, from Longowal [Punjab, India], a man of movement, of hard work, his literary career took off in 1985 with his first book, ‘The Monster Within’…

Authored more than 44 books of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and spirituality:

Beyond Life Beyond Death
Burning Bright
The Apocalpyse
Confessions of a Corpse

Bliss: the Ultimate Magic [2007] has been translated by Farsi and published in Iran by Prof. Naruges Mohammadi, who has also translated his work of Cosmic Culture, Dr. Anand’s book of spirituality BLISS, which has found comparison with Khalil Gibran’s ‘The Prophet’, and recognized for its healing qualities as a spiritual text, it has been translated into Persian by Prof. Nargues Mohammadi from Univ. of Mashad, Iran.

I Belong to You [the book in hand] into Persian.


He is the first poet from Punjab, or may be India, whose writings have travelled to the land of Rumi, the great mystic, which underlines the mystic connection between the two countries.


An INNOVATOR in the field of CRITICAL THEORY… he has evolved the theory of BIOTEXT which has altered held positions with Deleuze and Bakhtin, is based on his book of critical essays entitled ‘CREATIVE CONSCOIUSNESS’


Aanand’s poetical work ‘Beyond Life Beyond Death’ was compared with T.S. Eliot’s great work ‘The Wasteland’. Keeping in view his multi-dimensional work in Poetry, Peace and Spirituality, Dr. Aanand was recently elevated as AMBASSADOR to the World Union of Poets, Italy.



i, as a writer, a poet perhaps, find thrill as a ‘devil advocate’ __my way of reaching the abyss of ones mind… i get intrigued fascinated: i act like David, who would throw stones on giant Goliath.


Anand’s poem, The Half Truth, answers my question about pleasure. But isn’t truth can only be, if i first encounter a lie? In a fruit like mango, how can i be sure it is sweet, if i don’t taste it… life is a balance of good and bad, wrong and right, black and white, for this is how i develop wisdom, in having the knowledge, then, only then, can i give my choice, the degree of my wisdom which determines my life.




It is only a half truth, O lover;                               jernail s aanand 2
Why are you after
Don’t you see

It is a cloth which weathers off
And has to be sent back to the weaver?

I find people travelling in a train
Fighting for seats;
Crying: my seat; my seat;
I wonder was it theirs?
It was made of wood, and belonged to the Railways.

I see you on fire.
I see in this light a thousand things;
Which only blind my vision.

Turn a burning soul, O Lover.
Thou shalt find the universe convert into a mirror
And see the whole cosmos
in a state of eternal illumination.


Dr Jernail Singh Aanand, the forceful waves, not violent but not gentle to just let flow carelessly to nowhere, he knows his course: a very kind person, a big heart, a humble being, who would willingly first affirm my devilish advocacy… then patiently and surely plant into my soul the spirituality of life. My full admiration and respect, may we have more men of your quality .

ade caparas manilah
friday 10:12pm 23 march 2018
sydney nsw australia


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