#6 2018 blog: “14-hour Delhi Stop-Over”

“14-hour Delhi Stop-Over”

My Ganterbury Tale contribution to Dr Jernail Singh Anand


From Sydney, my ticket flew me to Melbourne, to catch my international flight to Delhi… while seated at the boarding gate no.17 area, i noticed a young chap in front of me about four chairs away, i believe he is an Indian national in his 30s… stealing glances: coz, when i catch his eyes, immediately he looks away. __so i got my mobile, check my appearance on camera… but nothing unusual! I waited to catch his eyes again and smiled: he responded with a thumb-up!!!


Coincidentally, he was my seat mate on that 12-hour flight. After few introductions, we got into some philosophical discussion about emotions, such as sadness irritability longing anger joy happiness boredom… i guess he purposely avoided about sensuous subjects… so i never touch on that subject either. Actually, i started the interesting philo- discourse, to gauge his intellectual plane:


“this trip is tiring boring a waste of time”
“why so?”
“i will have a 14-hour stop-over at Delhi”
“so its the stop-over, not the trip, people must learn to be like a wire convertible… we must be equiped with variant prongs: straight, slanted, 2-prongs 3-prongs, rounded-prongs… then we can avoid angst, boredom, anger, longing, etc.”


‘hmmmmmm, this guy is smart!’ i thought to myself, then replied, “so what type of prongs, do i need now?” [ i wish to outsmart him so i can just drop to sleep]


“i guess, you would need two of those prongs, one 2-prongs and one 3-prongs,” he laughs.
Not wishing to be outsmarted, i close my eyes and pretended to sleep… better be rude than appear stupid, i consoled myself. Food started to be served and my hungry tummy shouts for food, i had to wake up…


“that was a quick nap, did you dream,”
“ kind of, but my stomach is churning, begging for food,” laughing putting up my portable eat-table.
“after the meals, i will show you how to get relaxed, get rid of boredom, and feel happy, using those prongs.”


HD pic Ganterbury Tale

‘Wow, this guy is in desire of a quick joy,’ i murmured silently to myself, while i gave him a smile. Why must i feel angry or slighted, nooooooo… i am flattered, he’s actually boosting my ego; i feel like a budding flower being fizz by a bee. After my hot coffee and his hot tea, “now, i can really sleep to dream”




“can i hold your right palm, so i could start my prongs-demo?” I willingly open my right palm, close my eyes: __i have nothing to be afraid off or get irritated about, thinking i would really get my sleep..


I felt some relaxing spot pressures, and when i open my eyes, he was using a ball pen head to exact the pressures. “just slowly breathe, deep deep as much as you can, inhaling the positive energy and exhaling the negative energy… imagine yourself by the seaside being splashed by intermittent waves.”


when i opened my eyes, my head and his head are like a Siamese twin; plastered. “Gads, i really had a long sleep, sorry dear, i didn’t realized i was leaning on you… thanks for the hand massage.”
“i don’t know when i did fall asleep either… i got into a dream… i was when i was ten years old, and my mom was cuddling me… kissing me… thanks too.”


“Gads, my ego my ego… he longs, he feels, for his mom,” i told myself.
But he is right, i got out of my anticipated boredom and irritation and he got out of his longings.


“On behalf of India Air, we thank you ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to Delhi.” The Captain Pilot bidding goodbye.


A wonderful wholesome short interludes on my trip to Guntur India: i learned something about being judgemental, realizing hell can’t exist… there is only heaven, if we choose to.

ade caparas manilah
saturday 4:54 pm 24 march 2018
sydney nsw, australia

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