#9 2018 blog ‘portrait of desire’

“portrait of desire”

‘i desire what i don’t have, a desire i am not sure what’

ade caparas manilah

final hd pic versio ade hallucination



i desire i desire
for something unreachable
everywhere wherever…
my mind gets unhinged.
i talk to the wind
the seas the skies the mountains
they are deaf dumb blind
my steps a waste
what is desire… i know not!


it was a sunday,
years back i was then
only six years of age…
the sun was selfish,
his ray of smiles
hardly showed…
a looming shower
it will, perhaps.


i will never miss
a sunday church
not that i want to pray
just to get a glimpse
of that beautiful woman
always in white dress
with silk scarf
circling her neck.

wow… she is
an enchanting summer breeze
a lovely moonlight walk
a silhouette of passion
men thirst to kiss her shadow
when she Dances in the rain
they climb on rainbow arcs
and be burnt of her heat
all these, all these… i desire!


skin to skin they roll
lips entwined they mould
her shadow changes
as she moves
my wandering thoughts
never satisfy
who is she
why is she
i want to be like her.

ade caparas manilah
saturday 2:59pm 31 march 2018
sydney nsw australia




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