#12 2018 blog “Disgusto” [disgusted]

“Disgusto” [disgusted] Ganturbury Tales

a warring language of strong revulsion, which bullets the shadow of the missing someone__ whatever its reason and its lengthened season__tends to equate this longing into an ordeal of full digusto and lamento. [a relationship between a people and its elected mayor]

final hd disgusto

where where
are the broad shoulders?
the rhythmic shadow
waltzing me to Bali Hai

ohhhh… am i a consenting idiot
my dry-less tears, my pain… my eyes blind me.

i have projected myself a lazy do-nothing mendicant, waiting for the falling rain,

listen to it fall… building my muscles for nothing, creating moi a beautiful body

by leeching, bold sucking, as a doctrine from my lover__ foolishness foolishness!!!

i wake up this morning, a dilapidated old municipal building, who’d been passed by years of its mayor’s neglects, who does nothing but travel; comes and goes in his thunderous laughters, blue suits, entourages, while choking himself with his fat tobaccos… an image of someone… to whom i was glued, banked on promised land of milk and honey on where i stand__no longer in existence. I am nowhere, splintered, drowned by the flooding rain, and bristled by the burning heat of the sun__but strangely, a glimpse of your smile and a gentle pat on my chin, revive that amorous glow i unconsciously bestow. Foolishness foolishness, the next day i am seated once more on my dark corner, a sight of annihilation for this brief interval of a vacillation… i am a collapsed structure as a lover: this is a factitious mourning, without light without shadow, all darkness… i am a non-site!!!


-ade caparas manilah

monday 2:43pm 02 april 2018

sydney nsw australia

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