#13 2018 blog “zest” [the interval between birth and death] Ganturbury tales

“zest” [the interval between birth and death] Ganturbury tales

“without zest in life… is like food without seasoning… i don’t want a turtle walk, i want my desire met… esta hora, mismo… yes, ruffle my hair! This shocking sense of immediate, the i want it now, the i can’t wait, is the opposite of that dragging jaw, the yawning bored student of Harvard __life is like a clock, every ticking seconds matter, i must treat it as if death is running after me, and the blue berry ice cream i am licking, must melt in my mouth, savouring every rolled drops of it. 


tap beat rhythm
bongo bongo beats
drum my ears
touch my heart
activate my soul
dance my spirit
my hero my hero
breathe me love
consume me.

this morning as i got up from my bed; the slightly opened window, allowed a chilled whip of wind, quickly kissed my earlobes; reminds me, somewhere in St Tropez…

hd pic ade 2018

winds are wild unruly
ruffle my hair create dangles
rays of sunlight run crazy
glitzing my purpled strands
your rushing sweats
line my cleavage
bongo bongo beats
whisper, “there’s no end to my desire”

“Wealth is dismal and poverty cruel unless both are festive. There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval.” —Soliloquies in England, Scribner’s, 1922, p. 97

ade caparas manilah
tuesday 11:34pm 03 march 2018 sydney nsw australia

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