#14 2018 blog “concept of dotism”

“concept of dotism”

my being-in-itself; i am in existence, that is, the what who where why how when of me, through my consciousness as i perceived it from others; and my being-for-itself: is my passing thoughts, my analepsis, where horde of paparazzi burst in to my corner of aloneness, pricking either my wound of sadness or some platters of love… igniting my existence; while my being-for-others; is the consciousness of being liked, loved, desired that leads me to care, love, desire that affects others.

an archaical tingling
wrings my flesh…
it’s autumn yet feels like summer
reading a note a poem
from a friend.
“like a whisper in the wind”
love words love words
so lovely
i live! _ade caparas manilah


The following poems from other poets… my consciousness of existence...my




Jelgava, Latvia
Hip Hop Artist
Masquerade Records

“A Flower”

Thanks for showing me what butterflies feel like when they’re flying. I’ll call you – A flower.

“I drift through time and space,
flowing to nothingness
without a care in the world…
I live without a reason…
i never stressed about being lost,
because time is never an issue,
like a whisper in the wind,
that smell of something so sweet
gives birth to my curiosity
that strong scent,
where is it coming from?
I can’t stop exploring,
until I discover that new sensation…
there you are,
a beautiful and delicate sweet nectar. “
penned by: Anthony Drahkilla Gaudin

Wilfredo Zambrano Olamit

HD wilfredo olamit 25:03:18 pRE

Pomona California
International Harvard University

“sweet princess”
[Poetess Laureate/Artist/Author Ade Caparas Manilah]

you are made unique
with your own
time, space,
reason, wisdom,
consciousness, sub-consciousness,
you are given your own acre of eternity
in your inquisitiveness
of who you are,
of what more there is,
your reason drives you to create logic,
your logic draws conclusions for you
of what a minutiae you are
of what a grandeur you are
viz-a-viz the entire creation
of your Creator.

your genius
makes you not content
of your knowledge about you
and so,
you turn to your genius
dissect it
not being aware
that at the same time
your genius dissects you, too,
confirms that
you are made splendoredly unique.
if you are not content with this,
sweet princess,
where is the pacificity in your nights
but gone to the madness in your genius?
and by the way,
you are a god
as proclaimed by biblical testaments.

if this does not define you,
what would?
penned by: Wilfredo Olamit


Dr Jernail Singh Aanand

jernail s aanand 2

Poet Essayist Author Philosopher
Punjab India
Philosophique Poética d’Aanand
President/ Founder


A Foreword written for Ade Caparas Manilah’s book, “the Wind my Lover”

Ade Caparas Manilah is one poet to whom poetry comes like leaves. And it is not possible to draw a line between her and her poems. Sometimes ecstasies, sometimes sighs, she is what her poetry is; and her poetry is; what she really is. I have never seen such a conjoining of life and art in the same person. What surprises the reader is the youthful exuberance that she evinces in her poetry. Poetry is not possible without passion. Poetry is not possible without desire. Sex is the driving force of desire and hearts who are blessed with love, or denied this elixir, are equally apt for poetry.

One thing which can be ignored, only at one’s own peril, is the powerful presence of the poet, in her poems, which is more than physical, and much more than psychological. Every word that issues forth bears her imprint, and her specific fragrance. Concertina and the Wind Lover embody an ancient love pair, who, staying away, turn into memories, which keep the bodies on the flame. Each poem is like a lighted stick; burns for some time, and gives out a distinct smell; and goes off; giving way to the Wind Lover to say something.
Ade has laid bare her soul, no holds barred. Sex, denial, ecstasy and depression are the general themes of these poems, which have been woven into a startling pattern of words and images; and bring alive a living woman sighing for a living man. It is a high decibel relationship which speaks, not through words, but, like an epic of love, brings into it the divine characters like the sky, the moon, the the winds, and the rivers. Thus, presenting human love as a cosmic phenomenon, in which the universe is taking part. It is this life in the word pictures which is very special to this enigma called Ade. penned by:  penned by; Dr Jernail S. Aanand

Cav Silvano Bortolazzi




World Union Of Poets
Unione Mondiale dei Poeti
Poet, Author Organizer Nobel Candidate



double promotion


Jeff Cannon

#5 who portrait 'jeff cannon' final


Poet Writer Author
Massachusetts Boston

The Questions

Through rainbow hair
you appear fantastic
lips blush while
high cheek bones lusty splash sensation
flames explode from startled mist
I jump ahead, wonder If
the aroma of my body
would free you from indecision
enchant you to change direction
slip into my steps
run, run as fast as day
catch up to where i live
simply touch my shoulder
turn me naked into your new bed.
— jeff cannon.

Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil has endorsed his critical analyses of Ade Caparas Manilah’s



concept of: dotism

Your concept profoundly described as dotism has captured my imagination long back ago. It has been persistent in demanding my attention for the last few months, my inner being has been taken over by this principle of dotism, at the outset itself what is dotism?and how can we describe it in terms of the existence of this universe?

First of all dotism is a tiniest of particle, the combination of a number of these particles can lead to the very creation of the physical structure of this universe, the anatomy that we human beings do have consists of small dots and the composition of all these dots would make up our bodies stock, block and barrel. This universe was created out of emptiness and at the end of the day it merges and dissolves in that black hole.

Even the present life that we lead is linked with dotism, at the present age, we live in the parameters of virtual world and artificial intelligence, in this world, our existence is slowly related to imaginative dots swirling around us, these dots make us people of consequences, sometimes these dots bring about a connection between us and our surroundings, if these dots are lost, then we can’t relate to this world at any stretch of the imagination because they are the fundamental aspects of the very existence of this universe. Even the animated and the inanimate creatures here on this earth depend upon dotism for their general well being because it teaches geographical arena the need to be in a state of co-existence, without which the world can’t remain intact.

The theory of dotism also can be applied to our behavioural patterns, if we understand our insignificance in this world, then we go for the real rather than the illusions, which would enable us to search for the ultimate truth, in the field of literature also dotism is very relevant because through dotted lines, the real meanings of literary works are gleaned and brought into the literary mainstream.

The focal point of literature, that is called imagination works out through the domain of dotism only because many of the ideas derived out through imagination are put together by dovetailing the dotted lines. So dotism is a holistic concept pervading all the conceivable angles related to life in general.

My heartfelt congratulations to you Dear Adeiji for developing such a concept of all important nature in the philosophical plain.

Written by Cijo Joseph Chennelil Associate Professor Kristu Jyoti College of Management and Technology Chethipuzha Changanassary Kottayam District Kerala India All Copyrights Reserved@ On 13th August 2017.


in conclusione:

the concept of dotism

being-in-itself… is therefore: the discovering, knowing my being of existence… my body and its composition of brain heart kidney, lungs etc., yet, i cannot know anything about me by myself, because, although i see hear feel taste smell, the see can’t see the seeing __in short i get the consciousness of what who why where when how of me in my being-for-itself, which is the consciousness of the other about me, and results in my being-for-others, my continuing relations with the world… all these beings about me is that dot, the dot that self-transform my existence within the confinement of a black hole… 

ade caparas manilah

#6 fragments dotism hd ade 2018 

Designer Artist Writer Poet Author

thursday 11:03pm 05 march 2018
sydney nsw australia




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