#15 2018 blog “The Dangling Mangoes” Ganturbury Tale

“The Dangling Mangoes”  Ganturbury Tale

One late afternoon, it was a friday, in Guntur, India, after a tiring lecture day, a college Professor, Gopichand Paruchuri, walks slowly seemingly in deep thoughts: his lecture for the day was about the fruit, mango in connection with Hinduism.

Mango, a Tamil word mankay,  symbol of life, prosperity,  happiness, fertility is  considered king of fruits. Its sweetness so awaited and never out of season the whole year round. Its buds leaves and other parts of the tree  is of great Hinduism  spiritual rituals, called  Purnakumbha, a symbol of Goddess Laksmi…mentioned in Hindu scriptures such as Puranas , Ramayana, and Mahabharata.

ritual Purnakumbha


In the Hindu pujas

a pot filled with water, 

mango leaves at the brim , 

coconut on top is kept near the God


Walking leisurely, his forehead bump on something and he slumped on the grass  under that mango tree:


My thoughts    

Seized me

I’m frozen

My eyes

Searched in vain

At last 

Two mangoes 

Dangling in air

Set many thoughts 

That liberated

My heart 

And silenced


I Roamed 

In dreamland 

Copyright Gopichand


It was also a friday afternoon, sometime in september, as he sits near the bank of hide little town river… against the setting sun, he caught a glimpse… a silhouettes of a swimming nymph without any decent restraint…

hd swimming nymph

those dangling mangoes

in its firm freshness 

his lips poke 

his tongue glides

he glows in droplets


the intoxicating dusk.

as his body trembles

his soul drowns

his spirit wanders

in its silence 

of nothingness…

a symphonia

“i’m yours”, he whispers.

by: ade caparas manilah

tuesday 12:27am 10 april 2018

sydney nsw australia

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