#16 2018 blog “an scorpion ade” Une Biograpoétique [poetic biography]

“an scorpion ade”    Une Biograpoétique [poetic biography]

“no… not… me!!! __i will not succumb to sadness, never will i put moi on a corner to brood, i shall create new avenues which would render me paradise… and i can’t ask for more… i am a poet!” _ade c.

the man i love

 thousands of years ago,

one day

the pirouetting sunlights

make every petals gyrate

there’s none theres’s none

tomorrow nor yesterday.

Eve strolls… 


on her way, a whisper

“you can be as wise and as powerful…”

her senses explore…

HD ade pic 10 april 2018

intoxicating winds

meme her 

to a galloping horse-ride                         

even her hair twirl

to a symphony of foxtrot…

ahhhhhhhhh… never,

never in her life,

she flutters! 

hd pic search ade # 2 & 3 page


and i… now the modern Eve

face the cul de sac

where i am forced

to go round and round

to nowhere


ade flower-a


am i to sulk

am i to act

in her structure

no!!! not me!!!


#6 fragments dotism hd ade 2018


i shall seek 

new ways

transform moi

to a new world

by a totally firing 

a blast of fire

cuddle-hug moi into

my new established


ade 2013


 “moi poète”

‘how grandiose to be a poet; i transform myself into a piece of stone, violent sea, a high mountain, a flower, a leaf, a bird, the moon and the star, sunrise and sunset, a lover.. .in such fractal expressionistic tones!’


#55 painted in my mind-leaf


i love so quickly so intensely like a forceful wind and smashing flood.. yet though i am a fragile plum sprout that can stand unnumbered degree of velocity… still in vibrant brilliance after the storm!’ 


ade #5

you..haughty wind

and i

a flimsy blossom

quiet in comfort

watching the silent stream


ade 2


in concert with 

the surging flood

smash crush me!

exert forceful velocity

whip me carry me…


draft pic cover 

and i, like a timid plum

willingly bend

in an idiotic surrender


in total jouissance

unmindful of my

future yesterday!

'fame' word meaning#34 poeticized



darling i love you..

don’t you forget that

your wind

your flood

will come and go

smashing crushing

other blooms

but.. i am rare!

ade caparas manilah

tuesday 10:24am 10 april 2018

sydney nsw australia

first published:

art selfie & discourse by: ade c.

wednesday 3:09 10 december 2014 sydney australia

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