#20 2018 blog “if i should die, my darling”

“if i should die, my darling”

“ my Death is just the end of my human existence, the ade who cries laughs dances, and writes poetry… the end of my whining and groaning, but definitely it is not my final nothingness… my soul, which is immortal,  will enter into a process of joining the non-human being.” _ade c.

final HD pic ade 24 april 2018


‘if’, a conjunction word, means may or may not happen and ‘when’, an adverb, means sure to happen… though time is uncertain unknown_ so… i shall use ‘if’ on my poetry “if i should die, my darling”, because it’s universal, we wish it not to happen… if we can help it!



if i should die my darling

i want my ashes to float on the extant-ness of the sea

ceaselessly romancing with the whirling wind

rolling with the waves towards the unknown

and in the darkness of silence

i shall trace our shadows  of endless kisses


the wind my lover!!!


then you would swift me in the air

grip me by my waist,

until you find a cushion nestled on bark of a tree…

as we watch the stars glitter

while crickets and frogs melodiously chorus,

the moon glow

shall highlight slices

of ecstasies we share.


and as i doze-off

and get into a trance of dreams

my pillows, ahhhhhhhhh… my cushion

shall be your whispers

our lips shall seal that unforgettable silence…

a silence…

only you and i, 

shall own.

we shall be the immortal  dots of the universe

roaming like a brilliant purple lapis lazuli,

spraying mists of parfum

infecting love to whoever it touches

and i shall be born again,

still in what of you,


the wind my lover 


ade caparas manilah

tuesday 10:22pm 24 april 2018

sydney NSW australia

note: first published:

01 april 2017 sydney

saturday 8:00pm

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