#21 2018 blog “what is LOVE?”

“what is LOVE?”

my becoming a dot is because of love; all, whatever action in our world, there’s but one reason… love, even God’s Creation is because of love… whether it’s tragic joy melancholia crime encouragement longing war, the root cause is always love… but one thing is true… no matter, whatever, reaction follows, it is worth having such feeling of extreme love: 

hd ae pic 25 1pril 2018

“hug me… 

stop my breath

seek no chasm

not a hair strand could escape

mine all mine! 

your love, a magical love

wind light fire water

my meaning of existence ahhhhhhhhh

my darling, freeze me freeze me into eternity”

without having felt love, one has not lived his life! __yet love always reach exhaustions boredom; it fades it decays it simply tires, it dies leaves flies away! _one feels love, love to the fullest… but when it’s no longer there… let it go!

what is love?

one of my old poems: she meditates her crazy love, then to realize:

my thoughts , twisted circled glided upon the ebb of things

i wished i could have controlled…

i cried… i cried elusive sparks of past memories of which

waking up to my ‘NOW’ is simply laughable

huh… the yesterday’s cries!!!

my soul longs for the magnitudinal substance

yet it fades … fades faster than it comes…

my spirit lingers… looking for a significant shadow… 

a superman, ah! an impossibility… 

love, the cause of all effects, does not follow my Dotism principle… the obsessive love at the start, fades dies disappear… never to come back with the same subject or object, if ever, it does not have the same degree flair intensity it had at the start… so therefore: passion, an abstract external sense, like love hate sex violence joy sadness, has its specific phase and tenure… it does not cycle, it can’t be an element of dotism…. love is like a mushroom, an accidental sprout… unlike our soul, though it is an abstraction, it is the planner the thinker… the center axis of our body and spirit; the primary mover of our cycling being; it is the dotism of mankind… a necessary part of our divine life.

_ade caparas manilah

wednesday 1:46pm 25 april 2018

first posted:

[wednesday 8:58pm 16 august 2017 sydney nsw australia]

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