#22 2018 blog “Portraits of Peace and Hades”

#22    2018 blog “Portraits of Peace and Hades”


ade logo dotism discourse 26 1pril 2018

a subject whose episode of language soothes, it is an amorous gift, whether real or projected… sends a gesture of love that drives one to an inspirational introspection.

purplish in shimmer

multi-faceted glare

i’m bewitched

am i alive

is this heaven

ahhhh… dis moi  [tell me]

if i am dead

don’t revive me

this is sublime!


a poet, a writer… if he is one… is in the fathomless futile of jutting notes faults that he could find in someones else’s works… he is a kind of seed that sprouts… clamouring its vines to reach an endless contradictions; chewing only what he finds ugly; gets dragged in to  an utterance than into analysis; his inks imprison his thoughts, to dig deeper into its despot whereby his imagination starts to paint sculpt draw a discursive image, impulsed by his Satanic attitude!

he couldn’t feel love

his red fiery eyes transfigure

into a double-edged dagger

ready to lacerate

bleed someone to

an abysmal miseries

he is crudely polished

his voice quivers

no romantic sensuality.

this imbecile  is one who is incapable of a good language, he couldn’t write a good piece of poetry, so that he confines hist FB posts on blabbing  sneaky smears which are actually senseless.

come grace with me into a samba

my sexy hips

as it gently sway

to the left and to the right

uuuuuhhhhh uuuuuhhhhh !!!

i’m in heaven

as you guide my waist 

a great excitement

which seems to be in the order of orgasm!

but your garbage mind would explore your rapist-urges… strenuously calculating thoughts so incapable of beauty, immediately turn to heinous  criminal manoeuvres: to rape, to mutilate, to kill.

come, walk a stretch

be not short of breath


never stand alone

in your heavy zone

don’t be a loon

your eyeful coves

watching my lobes

am i your globe?


ade caparas manilah

thursday 7:40pm 26 april 2018

sydney nsw australia

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