#23 2018 blog “i would despise that moment”

“i would despise that moment” 

in many junctions of everyday life, the poet finds his lips suddenly quivering for words that would clothe his sudden burst of emotions… he feels the unfairness of the world, how the unrighteousness is getting a huge platform circling havocs on th air… and he would utter, “ didn’t you create the universe in its perfected beauty? __how then could you allow the dancing snakes rhumba and samba?



these deluges  of pouring rains

whimpering  forces of winds

the havocs of selfish darkness

challenged  my solitary spirit, 

awoken… my pugnacious soul!

my usual calm heart now in sunrise shining 

seaming every tiny loopholes

somehow somewhere… i’ll find the loveliness of flowers… 

its aroma shall take over all your stench!


these snakes come in all colours and sizes, some with bombs killing innocent people; some are maniacal shadows, hovering over young girls, raping mutilating their innocent lives__then kill them; some are dressed like an intellectual whose farts are blowing stench-full  gases infecting the otherwise joyful atmosphere; some are political leaders who are supposed to guide and help their constituents, but instead, they burglarise their pockets.

ade logo dotism discourse 26 1pril 2018


ahhhh, my God!

i ‘ve never experienced 

such tricky games of the dancing world 

all things for me are 

in its dew drops of spring

in the first warmth of summer 

in the initial dropping of autumn leaves 

in the first hailstorm of winter

everything… delectably  bonbons au chocolat!

mawada art-a2


these strands of pain of suffering of misfortune is blowing out of water… the victims feeling of guilt, of being the ones at fault… as Nietzsche has said, “We have deprived pain of its innocence.” Hades are winning, shouting their darkness into a tsunami… i would despise that moment when i would fear them more than i fear an earthquake wallowing me underground!



ade caparas manilah

friday 10:51am 27 april 2017

sydney nsw australia

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