“A Glympse” [ppD-Aanand]

“A Glympse” Barsha Kumar

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With an eye patched, i reflect a poet’s thought…transgressing  his many writings… blading threading weaving one by one, every word phrase verse paragraph, until the silhouette of his absolute soul existence crystalizes… and see the multi-faceted brilliance of his works in its perfect purity! __all poets are my lovers [males /females], they are not to be meagre seeds, but rather some spring sprouts clamouring their vines to reach an endless end; i have a need to hear not only his tickling ink voices, but also to chew the “unreal”, the intractable… i need to be dragged to utterance than into analysis; i need to be bolted dazed into a paralytic plane… when i meet a person, i catch his eyes… read what it says, dissect its movements, imprison its thoughts, dig deeper into its structural despot_thereby, my imagination starts to paint sculpt draw a discursive portrait! _ade c.

 “I Miss That Silhouette”

ahhhh… i love that distinguished walk

rhythmic steps graceful back arc

where i sit in comfort 

the intriguing  run, as if we are in a rhumba!

i feel the royal grace

i seem to glow in your sophistication  

ahhhh… i miss those days

when we would trot every morning!

in your excitement, 

when we reach a beach shore

you wound start to canter… then gallop

and i, in total surrender hold on the reins!

_ade c. sydney nsw australia 2018


I introduce to you a young poet, whose thoughts can’t be book-shelved… her emotions shout passions that would  fill even the very slight chasm of a concreted wall. __ i dedicated my above poem to her, i, the missing cantering stallion i used to be … Literature needs more of her kind!  -ade caparas manilah 2018 sydney.


Barsha Kumar a.k.a. Ruhail Andrabi 

barsha kumar

Born and brought up in Guwahati, Assam, schooled from Assam, she is a very determine person, “I am trying to create a world of my heart and  unknot the knots of my soul” __she believes in preserving her principles and values. As early as ten (10) years old, she had written for her school magazines, her mother, also a writer, had inspired her ink… i write to break the slumber of the collective consciousness of the world; to heal to love, she says… i write about me… what who i am; she feels writings relate to unforgettable  phases of life, both experienced and witnessed and that family relationships play an important role.

She loves Joh Keats Ode To A Nightingale, The World Is Too Much With Us by William  Wordsworth and Leave Me, My Blamer by Kahlil Gibran.

Nights are soothing;

The sun brings the barking and growling

of my dreams;

That chases me through the alleys of melancholia,

barefoot and bareheaded,
panting and jeering,
stabbing and abrading — my Inner most being.
I can see myself lacerated
With splitting wounds.
I can see blood running
And pain oozing from the core of my being.
My heart gets flooded with grief,
That drifts this nominal existence
In the boundless ocean of helplessness.
Ah! Pity to me.
I can do naught
Except awaiting the East wind to return,
With some salubrious hopes
And virgin dreams;
That shalt balm these wounds
And guide this wrecked ship of life
To the shore of completeness!   ©Barsha Kumar


I have a room

Full of your memories;

Every night it howls and cries

Like a mad dog

Of an age old graveyard. 

After the whole callous universe 

Gets shrouded in the pricking darkness

That ceases me 

To do anything

Except singing a lullaby

Over the beads of rosary

 of memories with the lyrics of haunting past

Amidst the euphonic beats of the dead silence

By lying beside the falling night

Beneath the quilt of soothing pain!

©Barsha Kumar


On that bloody impecunious night

Under the dimming moon light

Amidst the howling silence,

With those bereft leaves

Of late winter,

I witnessed 

Love being  miserably martyred

In the field of ego,

That drenched my whole existence

With sorrow,

And my soul, with remorse.

Ah! The poor corpse still lies there,

Awaiting the night of forgiveness,

To bury it in the 

Grave of abandonment.

©Barsha Kumar a.k.a. Ruhail Andrabi


critical analyses

by Cijo Joseph Chennelil 



Critic, Author, Writer, Poet, Professor

PP D’Aanand Administrative Officer 


Barsha Kumarji,

Your poems do deliberate upon many themes simultaneously such as a world of comfort and carefree nature, a world of turbulences and turmoils, a world of betrayal and redemption, a world of natural wonders and human beings inextricably intertwined connection with it, a world of artificiality and naturality, a world which is in the process of transition, a world where gender issues do have a major resonance, a world in which the female children are taken to a point of no return, a world in which the individuals do come across identity crisis and limbo sort of existence, a world in which the individuals do undergo many mental struggles, trials and tribulations, a world where discourses are directed against destruction rather than construction, a world where superficiality calls the shot always and a world where we come across disorientated, disfigured and dismantled state of affairs in our societies.

At the end, the human beings reach a threshold of possibilities and probabilities and we need to arrive at a conclusion in order to get out of the quagmire and quandary we have placed ourselves in over the years through our unsustainable ways of life. 

Kudos to you for composing such a poem of stellar trait.

Cijo Joseph Chennelil Kuravilangad.All Copyrights Reserved@On 28th April 2018.



from: Dr Jernail S Aanand 



Poet Philosopher Writer Author

PP D’Aanand… President Founder

Barsha Kumar’s poetry heralds a new consciousness… the consciousness of pain. Life is like that. Her personification of her room lends her poetry a raving  passion. Personal grief which symbolises pain of centuries. I welcome Barsha Kumar’s versus as fresh blood in the ageing body of the literary monolith. Her constructs and her style is like fresh breeze. PHILOSOPHIQUE POETICA feels proud to profile this young poet who has a power message for the contemporary world.  DR JERNAIL SINGH ANAND 


from: ade caparas manilah 

ade logo dotism discourse 26 1pril 2018

Poet Designer Artist Author pp D’Aanand…Co-Founder

We welcome you as one of our “Woman of Essence” __my congratulation and more success for more writings… we wish to see more of your works.


_ade caparas manilah

saturday 4:05pm 28 april 2018

sydney nsw australia

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