#25 2018 blog “A Glympse” Nandita Samanta

#25    2018 blog “A Glympse” Nandita Samanta

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With an eye patched, i reflect a poet’s thought…transgressing  his many writings… blading threading weaving one by one, every word phrase verse paragraph, until the silhouette of his absolute soul existence crystalizes… and see the multi-faceted brilliance of his works in its perfect purity.__all poets are my lovers [males /females], they are not to be meagre seeds, but rather some spring sprouts clamouring their vines to reach an endless end; i have a need to hear not only his tickling ink voices, but also to chew the “unreal”, the intractable… i need to be dragged to utterance than into analysis; i need to be bolted dazed into a paralytic plane… when i meet a person, i catch his eyes… read what it says, dissect its movements, imprison its thoughts, dig deeper into its structural despot_thereby, my imagination starts to paint sculpt draw a discursive portrait!


Nandita Samanta                     a “Woman of Essence”

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born 14th of December 1973,  Burdwan  West Bengal, India… a woman who has reached   the peak of her literary achievements… a science graduate , a multilingual poet, a short story writer, a reviewer and an artist. She recalls, “since childhood i had an innate urge to express my feelings in words, it came to me in a flow when and how I don’t exactly remember. The only thing I remember is that I have been putting my feelings into sentences and phrases.”  


Infinite arena of my existence

I wobble across the vast cosmic sea

a fraction of a dot claiming an identity. 

My hands cling onto the dark grey clouds,
feet in golden shoe waltz on the silver lining.

Mind susceptible to dreams and desires 

casts its eyes to the indefinite summer sky,

to the star sequinned velvety night

that set in motion the stirring thoughts

reaching beyond the realms and the discoveries 

on the wings of the breeze that squeeze earthy pheromones.

In unheard silence, hidden in quiet moans,

dreams and desires waft as dead leaves, 

meandering in the laced confines of platitude directions,

in the phenomenal levitation of the planes 

into the depths of hell…to the heights of heaven.


an ideal dotism, where Nandita terms as a fraction of a dot claiming an identity,” this dot which is the body soul spirit, tries to relate with other beings that exist around her, her fundamental relation with the other, her existence as a body floating in the midst of this world: 

“I wobble across the vast cosmic sea

a fraction of a dot claiming an identity. “

not the body as a means and  ends to relate with others but rather it is the body/heart that reflects its meanings and  sets the limits.__ like a lady x meets a gentleman y; she likes y, in fact she feels love for y, __she does not have to undress or do anything foolish to attract y, her sensual attributes: sight hearing speech smell touch, __ can do and limit its mirrors, processed by her soul/mind, and the spirit is manifested through the body … what it likes, what it needs, as well as the rejection and  alienation sensed: 

“In unheard silence, hidden in quiet moans,

dreams and desires waft as dead leaves, 

meandering in the laced confines of platitude directions….”

Nandita has  marvellously  poetized the definition of how our soul body spirit work…  present  the bilateral relation: for-itself-for others, in-itself… as phrased by Nandita: 

“….in the phenomenal levitation of the planes into the depths of hell…to the heights of heaven”of which i poetized my empirical self/moi:

i remember

those lovely days

i am consumed 

those misty breath

and loving moans

wrapped me

to an intoxicating 

gown of joy!_ade c.

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critical analyses

by Cijo Joseph Chennelil 



Critic, Author, Writer, Poet, Professor

PP D’Aanand Administrative Officer 


Nandita ji,

Your poem titled“Infinite Arena of my Existence”is a narration of the enigmatic cosmic occurrences that do take place and the very purpose of life in this vast universe, the life here in this cosmos is a speck or dot and we have our own very tiny existence here, in fact we are so insignificant in the evolutionary history of the world, 65 million years ago, our ancestors were nowhere in the picture in terms of having a sophisticated mastery over the world as we have today, in fact our ancestors were in the embryonic and rudimentary stage of evolution compared to other mammoth creatures occupying the surface of the Mother Earth then, in this universe of vastness, we try to have an identity of our own by trying to establish an identity, did we overstep into others realms by doing such a thing?__it seems that way at present, in this world of make belief nature, we strive hard to survive or work hard to entrench ourselves in the soil of consequence, we also travel through the wings of imagination and our desires are insatiable, the natural resources of the world get depleted very fast due to the human greed, we are not satisfied with the exploitative stances we carry out here on this Earth rather we want that to be extended to the outer space as well, the heavenly bodies of this universe are pictured in splendours and in full-fledged glory here, the mysteries of the world set the thought processes of the minds into a domain of vitality and enduring strength, the minds attain their creative, artistic, literary and aesthetic fulfillment here at once, the philosophical silence so apparent here on this earth evokes so many images of negativity and positivity at the same time, the picture of a world in churning also is amply represented here, the problems, worries and concerns of this world are also the major highlights here where armies of dead habits wreak havoc upon this world, the quest to have that supremacy would drive this world into madness and despondency of the highest level, we all do live in an illusionary world where we deal with the overstretched and overplayed virtual realities and artificial intelligence, the confused minds do have that frantic existence brimming to reach the shores of misconceived and misdirected victories, we are pulled at different directions by our own contradictions, ironies and paradoxes, we are engaged in creating our own hells and heavens simultaneously here as per the actions and reactions we resort to in our lives, here two extremities of goodness and badness stand side by side or shoulder to shoulder with each other for redemption.

Kudos to you for composing such a poem of marvellous and fantastic nature with a meaning of all encompassing nature related to this colossal universe.

Cijo Joseph Chennelil Kuravilangad.All Copyrights Reserved@On 1st May 2018.



from: Dr Jernail S Aanand


Poet Philosopher Writer Author

PP D’Aanand… President Founder


Nandita Samanta is a soulful poet and author from Kolkatta  India. She has authored several poetry books and holds rather aggressive  views regarding the plight of women in society. She is a votary of women lib and wants her to etch out her own history independent of all crutches. Such a fearless champion of women’s rights, she writes brilliant poetry which is full of sarcasm and satire and her takes on social issues are looked at with great interest. I congratulate Nandita Samanta on being profiles in Philosophique POETICA. Reading her and about her will be a great for our readers and viewers. Dr Jernail Singh Anand Founder President Philosophique POETICA de Anand.


from: ade caparas manilah 

ade logo dotism discourse 26 1pril 2018


Poet Designer Artist Author

PP D’Aanand… Co-Founder

Dear Nandita,

It is of great privilege to have your excellent works featured here at our “A Glympse” via dotism Blog. _God bless and more success. ade caparas manilah 

tuesday 3:44pm 01 may 2018

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