#27 2018 blog “The Lord’s Hand ” For: my KIDs my LOVE… my ACHIEVEMENTs

“The Lord’s Hand ”  For: my KIDs my LOVE… my ACHIEVEMENTs

ade caparas manilah

ade hand2

now, today…  i love having married young and had babies every year,  now at age 83, though i live alone, yet never a dull moment, 24/365 days for over 60 years, __it meant birthdays, anniversaries, medicals, accidents, valentines, christmas, new year, picnics, travels, reunions, holidays, cold wars, laughters, hurts, tears,  ade c manila pen manila phil 1978 age43

weddings, and gossips…all, only with these 10 children of mine and 24 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren i feel so blessed everyone is physically fit, normal, beautiful, all are financially stable… i am now, the financially dependence!  But not really, i am financially independent  and comfortable too! __thank God, i have reached this bonus years, still in good health, youthful, admired, desired…hahahaha proposed to!!!!!!! 

a few steps backwards…

10384292_10153070380287952_1613941461756923971_n      christmas day lunch  ade13


marelen  Here are the 7 kids, Leah, the youngest is missing      IMG_0741


IMG_7422    IMG_7407                                  IMG_7457    adebday 04:11:14

let me  feel  let me hear… those

first ‘uha uha uha’ [an infant cries]

your lips 

searching searching for food

sucking sucking mi ‘dede’ [breast]

nine-month  bundle

inside mi tummy

seconds after seconds 

i never missed to touch.

ahhhhhhhhhh… year after year

during my labor pain…

i say, ‘no more no more

it hurts it hurts’

yet, i miss those baby

sighs, smiles, impede cries.

as i warm your tiny bodies…

those one to three month-ages

are the most gratifying moment for a mom!

those ten tiny silhouettes

rainbow colourful hibiscus

grew so fast too fast

in their individual marvels

soon enough we are like

siblings, friends… sometimes fighting cocks!

hahahaha… praise our Lord!!!

LOVE never left us

mi anak [children], you are my greatest achievement!

I love you my blood of blood, my flesh of flesh, my PRIDE!

Mon C Orosa [deceased]                       Cherry C Orosa

Nannette C Orosa Mendez                     Raymond C Orosa

Jun C Orosa                                         Leah C Orosa

Issa C Orosa                        Hezekiah David C Manilah

Rene C Orosa                                       Marelen Abi C Manilah


I LOVE YOU… your mother

ade caparas manilah

11 may 2018  sydney nsw australia


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