#28 2018 blog “why… why can’t today stay?”

“why… why can’t today stay?” 

a pleasant day in my wrapped vagueness: the sky, perfect in smoothness yet not the perfect blue but blended cloudiness in its monotone blue, complimenting my new blue shaded hair; the entrance of winter is in its threatening  shivers, compelling my feet to get into my knee woollen socks.  

ade 15 may 2018 sydney

behind those clouds

are flowers of time

i wish to haul… mount them

that i may climb,

from its height

levitate fly float…


my nude thought collects, configuring new pages of garland, where i imagine carried by the wind while in yoga squat position; the sun projects my profile, lends highlights on my face; contours it, effecting my seeping emotions! __ahhhhhhhhhh then perhaps my lover, whose eyes always wander in search; fishing for lapis lazuli, would be jolted shaken catch my rolling nakedness… i want to remember that lovely day, which i always refer as ‘today’… i love that day, when we melt like chocolate icing on a sponge cake under the fiery heat of the racing sun which runs down the moments as if it couldn’t wait for the dusk  to come in its nature way. __if only the today halt the time, stay still, even for few minutes or seconds, then i can have a glimpse of eternity.


is but a glimpse 

of tomorrow 

which never stays…

a tomorrow 

eager to flock 

with yesterday

a life that can never keep still… i am the freshness of orchids in bloom

the running water touching my skin

the cool breeze kissing my lips

my bareness emoting intoxication 

all but blurring images

marking clouds of darkness 

why… why can’t today stay?

ade caparas manilah

tuesday 3:36pm 15 may 2018

sydney nsw australia

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