#29 2018 “Reality is Ultimated upon reaching Death”

 “Reality is Ultimated upon reaching Death”

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Do Time and Space change? No it is an inanimate state, it is never affected by anything …  it is eternal!

Whether there is a pouring rain, an earthquake , a tornado, a darkness envelopment  or X and i made love one particular noontime, when the weather was chilly and my bedroom smells jazmine, the noontime remains a noontime, and my bedroom space, still remains a space… though it smells jazmine no longer, and X and i are making love no more…

noontime will always come as noontime:  all movement occurrences come and go, but space and time remains as is… the cocoon where we shape our Reality.

This temporal concept of Past Present Future is very much misconstrued…  PAST will forever be a part and will play an  important role as the shaper, the maker. the formulator of the now, (present); which  is just a thought of the past and an illusion and planning of the intended future 

Past to be considered as a gone event is to enslave, to cage, to prison, to constrict ones life power to expand farther and more, till we reach the nothingness of life. There’s no such thing as  past, or gone moments… while it is common to presume that time moves on, that, that event had become a gone thing, is wrong… no no the truth is, it is us, as a body that moves on, we do mature, we do age, but time and space never move, never change… it is an eternal state of being. Actions movements vary changes occur… actions pass, but the thoughts and memories of it linger which influence and affect the what of the intended come (future). Those we consider as gone things (past), are never gone, in fact, it becomes the active impressions of our mind, that inject the coming of what we intend to become (future), affecting its colour, shade, size, quality.

The now, which we refer as present is nothing but a temporary thought., a meagre demarcation line of black and white; the thin line separating what has happened and what is intended to happen. Let’s say, i failed an entrance test to enter  a university, this must not be considered as a past, because to consider it as a past, means i am giving up… on the contrary, it remains in my mind, this failure would make me learn more… so that i, would finally pass the second, the third, all the test that has to come, for me to attain my victory. 

This explains dotism, that Space and Time where all living beings revolve during the cycle of night and day, failure and  triumph, joy and  sadness; a wheel wherein every parts of it feel the top and bottom; the real and true formation of our life in its continuing remakes, reevaluations,  innovations of gone acts; whether up or down, black or white, it never stops, it will be this moulded passing activities  that will ultimate our REALITY upon reaching that permanent eternal State of Nothingness… DEATH!

_ade caparas manilah

thursday 4:33pm 17 may 2018

sydney nsw 

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