#30 2018 Blog “What is Destiny?”

“What is Destiny?”

Is destiny a material joy? is it assigned or created? IF God has bestowed me freedom of choice, so how could He contradict himself by assigning on me a defined destiny ?

hd poetograph destiny ade 2018  

i am not destined

i shall be

as i create.


I remember as a child of age 4, the four-bedroom house of my great grandmother on my father’e side, with a big grand piano; a huge concrete 6 burner stove with oven, fuelled by wood; and a white tiled flash toilet; a big bodega full of sacks of rice;  a beautiful landscaped flowering garden; in contrast with my grandmother Nene’s (great grandma’s  daughter) house, where i and my parents stayed, and though it’s big, it was deprived of bedroom, no other amenities as mentioned above… so much so, it had impressed my innocent mind a thought; “i shall definitely have all those when i grow up.” My growing years have been a struggle between my parents economic struggles and my determination to create great records at school… not to forget my secret dream; ‘that of being rich like my great grandmother.’

how my young mind

is impressed

shall be my route.

past, the no more in action

forms the future, the will come

the now, present… guided by the past!

the improved passéistes  


my destiny.

My growing years were joyful satisfying…  school achievements, awards, friendships, popularity, and a home with lots of disciplines and household chores, having parents, who at this period in time were totalitarian in nature, where by their meagre eye-movements, i could gauge what those were telling me.


i am a wild grass

i follow the light

i focus on the crack of dawn…

beautiful sunrise looming!

i am what you see 

i enjoy what God has gifted me 

i maximize it 

to the fullest… no lukewarm!

At an early age 17, i thought i could make a quick short-cut on my ultimate dream… i eloped into marriage, continued the hard work, a fashion designer and RTW manufacturer, curtain creator, interior designer with furniture factory of my own, travels, parties, clothes, jewelries, and at the same time having a kid every year till i got the four boys and four girls!

The principle of Cause and Effect rules my  life’s existence.

then was once upon a time;

i work hard

i am the moon the stars

the shining glaring brilliance of a gem

i am a flower…a lapis lazuli.

i sway in breeze… 

oscillating… rocking endless

gliding on flirtatious waves

ahhhh… an ecstatic life!

So is destiny a material world joy?

could be hell… a nightmare

a chaotic canal… i’ll find me

yak yak yak… the awful smell

i shall shout…  shout hell!

Destiny is consciousness of thoughts of dreams… hard works, determination, patience, perseverance, but still, without God, without prayers, the choices made could turn  wrong! No, destiny is not a material joy, material joy is a prize of life on earth for doing what is right… final destiny is but one thing; DEATH… as i reconcile with God!

_ade caparas manilah friday 3:52pm 25 may 2018 sydney nsw australia

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