#33 2018 Blog “dreams i fight for”

“dreams i fight for”

my life is a like a little garden, enough for my shoulder to embrace… i bring back those times, those lovely days, when hasty joy and foolish beatitude of easy fame were never a dream:

#5Framed arteavant 2018 hd

the forming clouds kissing the mountain tips

cause the trees the orchids the brooks the rocks

to a tumble-like laughter… mimicking  the two of us

my own shadow whispers a hymn… only you 

a melody that pirouettes up in the sky

sculpts the heart union no-one  else could!

your moist lips daubed on mine never dries up

forming droplets of foamy sweets, 

a dessert chocolate flavour… my sensual desire!

every place i go i see, i feel your presence

those pair of eyes, pleading imploring… a languid placid look

flushing into the depth of my being

floats me on cosmic dimension!

even your silhouette’s

movement makes my tiniest vein gushes

fireworks of embolden spurts

writing words of love take me love me

free as the passing wind 

no… i wish not the past, i expect only what i see in my dreams… as i put on the spotlights, your smiles appear, as my water kettle steams, i hear the sound of your laughter…as i drink my wine, i feel the warmth of your breath… intoxicating  my tongue as i lay on my pillows, the softness draws me to a sensational stir_the soft music, my nakedness, my freedom, free of any violent thunderstorms nor symphony of dark clouds, heat, winds that create rains and  lightnings, result as a most destructive fire.fire.

#1 Framed arteavant 2018 hd

that night..
graceful samba
spirit of champagne
grinds.. crushed
sways a dizzy shadow..

klieg lights

magnifies distorts

scintillates my torso

paints me

as if i’m scorched in fire..

a gentle timid nature

 tall lean silhouette 

oscillates but on one spot

then pulls me

our nose’s tips connect

affects me

such  delicious symphony

a zoomed desire


“dreams i fight for”

__ade caparas manilah

friday 2:54pm 08 june 2018

sydney nsw australia

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