#35 2018 Blog Our World: A Surrealism

Our World: On A Surrealism Mode

Our world is on a surrealistic mode: the skew-whiff political waltz tuning lieflies; the vulgar dancing farts of the disabled mind, circling  in its most physical, emotional, magical trapeze stance; the craze virgin-seeker fanatics, laying thousands of stiff corpses;  while the populace  dream of bank millions via bitcoin craze, serving their dining table with empty cans. __ Ahhhhhhhhh… what a tangle web we weave, the first time we try to deceive.” Meanwhile, our field of arts have their Art Masters: the painters, musicians, poets, writers, dancers, designers, musicians, singers… present individual creations: expressing imaging sounding of pieces magnifique… publish award sell…  but not to miss the clock-fighting arenas… crab-kissing biting each other! by _ade c.

Museum of World Footprints Artists Net presents:

A beautiful surreal painting art exhibit by Isagani Punzalan Carlos, a Pilipino artist, presented by Creative Team: Caesar Sario,  Turs Simsuangco, Lara Conteuse, Ma Fe Simsuangco.   Everyone is invited to see the exhibit… it’s here on FB  June 2-July 2, 2018


The surrealist painting by Isagani Punzalan Carlos as poetise by ade caparas manilah


“let me be”  

flower floats its freedom      

a button switch

lazer its petal smoothies

glorifying its flesh

ecstatic erupting butterflies

while envious gliding fish

and monstrous pests wait

soon… it withers

a driftwood waits to sand!  by:_ade caparas manilah     




 Philosophique Poética De-Anand

Founder/ President

Poet Philosopher Author Writer Publisher

Real and Surreal… Unreal… real… Factual… or Virtual… Imaginary or whimsical… fact and fiction… Reality and dream… All these states of mind are layers of human consciousness… Man tries to make sense of this life… But life cannot be comprehended in straight  language… it is not a linear happening… Man is not a mechanical process… Physics is inadequate… So is metaphysics… For there are states like Pataphysics which verge on extreme…  And lap and overlap with insanity.  From real to insane… these are states of human mind… which pose a challenge to  litterateurs to comprehend human reality… For which camera has to be twisted and tilted so that meaning could be made out existence. 

KNOWN AND THE UNKNOWN (a surreal poetry by Dr Jernail S Anand)

The Unknown once beckoned to me

What you want? 

Surprised.. I started rummaging my thoughts

I opened up the wish boxes

And tried to locate the best.

Not this. Not that. 

What If I say… give me this

Just as I was trying to articulate

A lightning struck

Fool… You are defining your boundaries

And I stopped searching. 

I looked up and said

I have no wishes. 

Grant what you think best.

And I felt through my nerves

A sweeping feel of 

Joy peace and satisfaction.

Dr J S Aanand All rights reserved @2017


“Freedom Of Love” by: Andre Breton

My wife with the hair of a wood fire

With the thoughts of heat lightning

With the waist of an hourglass

With the waist of an otter in the teeth of a tiger

My wife with the lips of a cockade and of a bunch of stars of the last magnitude

With the teeth of tracks of white mice on the white earth

With the tongue of rubbed amber and glass

My wife with the tongue of a stabbed host


Deepa Chandran Ram

Professor Artist Poet Writer Musician Singer Choreographer


 A baby asleep in the earth’s mantle,

unable to be born,

It bickers with machine hands

and is entwined by tree’s venules. 

surreal poem: by Deepa Chandran Ram


ade caparas manilah

Dotism Journal  Publishing


Artist Designer Poet Writer Philosopher

the gold years of ade hd pic 2018

my song” ( surreal art piece interpreted}

my lips… my lips

so moist so moist for you                        

my eyes… my eyes

i close to pray

you would be there for me.

a dance… a dance 

hugging me tight

our bed… our bed

scattered flowers 

blanket of song.

surrender… surrender

the night is gold

lovely as I wait 

for you… for yOU!

A DOTISM Journal presentation by ade caparas manilah

sunday 2:58am 10 jun 2018  sydney nsw australia

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